Ellis Island

Mina L


Have you ever heard of a place called Ellis Island? Ellis Island used to serve as an immigration station near New York. Immigrants hoped to pass through Ellis Island to America, and have freedom in the new country. Today, Ellis Island is now a historical landmark for tourists to come and visit. Ellis Island is so interesting, you might want to visit there yourself!


You are probably wondering, "What are immigrants?" Immigrants are people who come to other countries in search of freedom and opportunity. Between 1892 and 1924, about 12 million immigrants made it through Ellis Island. But before you can pass through Ellis Island, you have to be examined by doctors and processed by government officials. Most people had permission to pass into the United States, but the sick and disabled were rejected. The reason why those people were rejected was because the United States didn't want a disease spreading across the country and they didn't want to support people for the rest of their lives because they have no jobs and money. Sadly, rejected immigrants had to return back to their country. Would you ever want to be a immigrant?
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Why Ellis Island Closed And What Is It Today?

Ellis Island today, is a museum for tourists to come and visit whenever they please. Ellis Island closed because Ellis Island declined in importance and Congress passed a law that made it more challenging for immigrants to immigrate into the United States. Ellis Island continued to to serve as a detention station for immigrants who were having problems with immigration for a little bit longer. Two years later, Ellis Island closed. It became a part of the Statue of Liberty National Monument about ten years later. About another ten years later, Ellis Island was opened again for tourists. Would you want to be one of those tourists?


Ellis Island is a special place and now you know tons of facts about it! You know about immigrants, why it closed, and what it is today. Your brain is filled with so many facts, you probably just want to visit Ellis Island! I hope this essay was helpful and interesting. Go pack your bags and get ready to go tour Ellis Island! :)