The Death Cure

Katie Kenah

Major Characters in the Death Cure


Thomas is the main character in The Maze Runner Trilogy. He is the underground leader in the beginning but then rises above at the end. Thomas always thinks of others but to some it comes across as he cares only about himself.
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In the books, Minho is the sassy, comic relief, to the story. He is outgoing and unpredictable. He is a leader with the edge of uncertainty.
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In this trilogy, Newt is almost everyone's favorite character. He is more quiet and introverted than Minho and Thomas. He is glue that sticks everyone together.
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The Major Conflict

The major conflict of the story is survival. Thomas, Minho, Newt, and the others run away from an organization that kills subjects in order to find a cure for a horrible disease that has plagued the Earth. They have to figure out a way to survive the diseased people roaming the Earth and the organization hunting them down.
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The settings are:

  • WICKED's headquarters
  • Crank Palace
  • the Right Arm
  • the Maze

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Style Components

One of my favorite quotes from the book was a great example of isolation in text.

"Thomas was stunned silent. Nothing anyone had ever said had hurt so much. Nothing."

I like this quote because the way it is structured just shows how much Thomas and Newt's friendship meant to him.

Another style component I saw was many flashbacks because Thomas doesn't have memory of much so in his dreams he gets many flashbacks of what his life used to be.


  • I give the book a 9/10
  • I give the whole trilogy a 9.5/10
  • If I had to rate the two movies I would give a 7/10 because they go a little off the books
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