Texas Revolution

learn about 6 battles that were in the Texas revolution

Battle of Gonzales

The battle of Gonzales started when Domingo de Ugartechea, the military commander in Texas.

On October 1st the Texans troops crossed to the west bank of Guadalupe and marched up river towards Casteneda's new camp. On the morning of October 2nd the Texans attacked the Mexican's and Casteneda ordered his men to fall back behind their camp.

When fighting resumed, Castaneda found himself out numbered and outgunned, and ordered a withdraw toward Bexar.

Battle of San Jacinto

The battle of San Jacinto was the concluding military event of the Texas revolution.

Battle of Nacogdoches

Occurred on August 2nd, 1832 when a group of Texans defied an order by Jose Piedas. The battle of Nacogdoches is an important lesser-known conflict that cleared east Texas of military rule and allowed the citizens to meet in convention without military intervention.

Battle of Velasco

A prelude to the Texas revolution and probably the first case of blood shed in the relations between Texas and Mexico on June 26, 1832. The Mexicans had killed five and wounded sixteen Texans

Battle of Concepion

Occurred on October 28, 1835 after the skirmish at Gonzales on October 2nd the Texas army grew to 400 men but the Mexican army peaked at 750 men in late October. Mexican losses included fourteen killed the thirty-five wounded. Texas losses one person killed and one person Wounded

Battle of Agua Dulce Creek

An aftermath of the contriversal Matamoros expidition of 1835-36 (March 2nd,1836) America lost with them having twenty three american's and 3 mexican's lost by Mexian force under Jose de Urrea.