Apps Worth Trying!

So Many to Choose From

Content Creation apps are AWESOME!

iMotion HD

Use this awesome app to create stop motion or time lapse videos. Take a look at this awesome video that shows a student painting a wall mural.

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Use this application to embed clickable points on an image. Add text, links, and more. Embed your products on a website. Thinglink has live update so any changes that are saved will auto-populate anywhere your Thinglink is shared.

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Do Ink Green Screen App

This easy to use app not only allows the user to create some out of this world videos, it is super fun too! Land on another planet and talk to aliens, fly over the tallest mountains, scale the Eiffel Tower, and so much more.

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Comic Life

Create awesome comic strips using the templates provided in this app or build your own. Use templates like Retro, Road Trip, World Travel and more. Add speech or thought bubbles, choose the font you like, select your favorite layout. Publish your works to share with others.

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Art Studio

"Art Studio is a digital drawing and painting application. It most closely mimics Corel Painter: one can experiment with a variety of digital brushes and blending techniques that make it well suited to cartooning, life study, fleshing out ideas or manipulating photographs. Many good tutorials on youtube are available to give artists tips and techniques for achieving desirable effects. It is one of the few art apps to have "layers" which makes it much more robust as an editor than comparable apps from Adobe." - Jon O'Connor

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Creative Book Builder

Another favorite, try this app working with individual students, small groups, or entire classes to build creative content with eBooks. Students build beautiful eBooks that include more then text. You can add images, sound, video, hyperlinks, and more with this awesome tool!

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One of my favorite apps for studying and creating storyboards, this app creates pdf files that you can annotate. I've used this to import reports and other documents that I highlight and annotate for sharing with others, to complete and submit applications electronically, and as a drawing tool with story boarding in an effort to be "green."

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Explain Everything

Flip your classroom or just have fun with your students. Explain Everything is a screen casting app that will let you annotate images, pages from a file, or capture writing using your tablet as a whiteboard while you narrate instruction. Students can also use this tool to demonstrate understanding of concepts utilizing their own files and images while narrating their explanations and ideas. The end result is a movie file in which others can view these images and notations along with a narration. This can be used to create tutorials and directions or as an assessment tool for students to demonstrate understanding.

For screen casting with websites, try Explain A Website.

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Sock Puppets

Sock Puppets allows the user to create puppet shows using existing sock puppets like and backdrops. The user can add their own backdrops further customizing their puppet production. Students will have fun with this app as they recreate stories and share information with puppets. Watch the characters come alive as they lip sync to the audio recordings.

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Puppet Pals

Puppet Pals HD allows the user to create puppet shows using puppets made from their own photos or existing puppets like, Ben Franklin, Barack Obama, Conan O'Brien, a ladybug, and more, as well as backdrops to "set the stage." Students will have fun with this app as they recreate stories, PSA's, and share information with puppets.

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File Management & Collaboration

Google Drive

Students can create or access a Google Drive account from any device to utilize cloud storage and collaborate with peers, family, etc.

Google drive will store many file types and even allows you to create or modify others. In Google Drive, you can work collaboratively, in real time, as you modify documents, spreadsheets and slides. Other files types may need to be opened in alternative programs in order to view or modify them.

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Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a great tool for keeping students organized, collaborating, and engaged with online learning tools. Access to Drive files through Google Classroom makes it easy for teachers to manage class resources while providing opportunity for quick feedback between teacher and students.

Inspiration Maps

This app will to help students organize there thoughts and ideas. In addition, Inspiration allows students to convert outlines into concept webs and vice versa. This option is valuable for students with different learning styles.

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"Subtext is a collaborative reading platform that focuses on Common Core skills. It was designed specifically for teachers and students. Subtext has all the features of a typical e-reader such as: text-to-speech capability, full-text searching, font selection, and a built-in dictionary, but it pulls in collaborative features similar to social media sites like Facebook.

Along the margins of the text, personalized avatars are used to identify whenever a user makes a comment, highlights text, posts a discussion, a poll, quiz, or links to a website or YouTube video.

Teachers can create and track assignments, monitor each student’s progress and participation and get statistics on individuals or the group.

Subtext works with any native or converted EPUB document, integrates with Google Books and Feedbooks, and Web pages can also be imported.

At the moment, Subtext is only available as an ipad or edmodo app, but they expect an Android app and Web reader for the 2013-2014 school year." ~ Kelly McManus

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