The Greatness Of Taj Mahal

By: Natanael Hernandez

Taj Mahal is part of Ancient India.People call Taj Mahal the Jewel of india today.Taj Mahal is still standing tall in Inda, but its more like a museam.Shah Jahan started building Taj Mahal in 1631 and finished in 1652.Large amount of people around the world are atrracted to visit Taj Mahal today.

Taj Mahal the tomb of India

If you've seen Taj Mahal,and you ask yourself '' Why was Taj Mahal built ''and ''When was it built?'' Taj Mahal was built by Shah Jahan.He built this important building foe the remains of his sheriffed wife. Taj Mahal was built form 1631 to 1652,but Taj Mahal was comissioned in 1632.It took 22 years with more than 20,000 workers to bulid Taj Mahal.


So where is Taj Mahal located?Taj Mahal is found in India.Taj Mahal is beside a river called Yamuna River in Agra.Agra is a small place where Taj Mahal is located.Some people ask theirselves where Taj Mahal is but here are your answers.

The Jewel of India

''Why are people attracted to go to Taj Mahal??''As you see people all around the world go to visit Taj Mahal Maybe for vacation or maybe on a trip.People are attracted to go because of its beauty.The 20,000 workers used blue lazuli to decorate Taj Mahal.(Blue Lazuli:is a type of stone that looks like a diamond but is blue)2 to 4 million people are attracted to go to Taj Mahal each year.
So now you see that it took 22 years to build Taj Mahal as a tomb. Taj Mahal is the Indian Jewel.Is Taj Mahal really the Jewel really the Jewel or is there another one jewel.We havent discovered the mystery until then the mystery is not solved.

This is the beauty of Taj Mahal

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