revolution era

Anthony m 5th period

summary of the road to revolution

the Road to revolution was a revolution that evolved Boston and the colonies. It was mostly about land money such as taxes tea trading and the king that nobody liked king George the III. the phrases that the colonist came up with was stamp act because their we vary mad cause of taxes.
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lexington AND concord of 1775

1. 70 minutemen where waiting for the British troops

2. patriot Captain John Parker yelled to his troops don't fire unless fired upon
3.know one really knows to this day who fired first
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common sense

1.a 47 page pamphlet that was distributed in Philadelphia in January 1776
2. common sense was posted anonymously
3. Thomas Paine Sold 500,000 copies
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declartion of independence of 1776

1. many colonial leaders agreed with Paine
2.the Declaration of independence formally announced the colonies break from great Britain
3.colonist who chose to side with British were known as loyalists
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battle of saratoga of 1777

1.Washington and 2400 troops rowed across the Delaware river
2. the battle of Trenton was an important patriot victory
3. American soldiers took more than 900 prisoners
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winter @ valley forge of 1777-1778

1.the entire of France and Spain into the war came at a crucial moment
2.the Continental army was running low on food and clothing December 1777 Washington settled his 12000 men at the Valley forge
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battle of yorktown of 1781

1. the patriots where running low on money to pay the soldiers and buy supplies
2.the British held most of the south plus Philadelphia and NYC African American spy a slaved that made a runway to help the British
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treaty of paris of 1783

1. after Yorktown only few small battles took place
2.lacking to pay for a new army great Britain entered into a peace teaty
3.Benjamin Franklin had a key role in the negotiations
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