Radio Trailer

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Our radio trailer conforms to the conventions of professional trailers in the way it opens with a rhetorical question, addressing the audience and gauging their interest in the topic.

The narrator we used is the same as the narrator used in the actual documentary which keeps the products linked and consistent. Various soundbites are taken from the documentary which gives the audience a hint as to the content of the programme and reinforces the topic yet witholds enough information to maintain their interest.

Oliver! (The Musical) (1968) Food Glorious Food


A key convention of most professional radio trailers is a background track that links to the theme of the documentary. We chose to use 'Food Glorious Food' from the musical Oliver as it is centered around the topic of food and is sung by children which reinforces the school aspects of the documentary. This is kept at a low volume whilst the voice over plays in order to keep the information being given clear and coherent.


As is conventional, the scheduling information for our documentary (day, time, channel) comes at the end of the trailer in order to reinforce what has already been heard and leave the information fresh in the listener's mind.
Our radio trailer is 39 seconds long as a professional radio trailer typically lasts between 30-40 seconds. Within this time frame the audience gets a brief summary of what the documentary is about and then provides the information needed to watch it, effectively advertising the programme.