Roman Lucero


airfare cost and schedule

I'm flying from Denver to Montego Bay.

I'll be leave at 7:50am from Denver. I will stop over in Miami and then arrive at 7 pm I will leave April 7 I will be gone for two weeks total amount $1,174 for two people.


Im staying at the El Greco Resort there is parking, pool, internet, air conditioning, so you could still can feel a arctic breeze and a two bedroom suit, it cost $72.00 dollars .


For the act first I will continue to bobsled, sky explorer, & zip line combo for $134.00 duration 3 hours then all leave on a horseback ride n swim. Then bamboo river rafting then finally deep sea sport fishing.

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

Jamaica has the most muder rates in the world not to menchin all the gangs and drugs. Some might say that the locels revolve around reveng poverty and lotes more. There is a soulsiant to every thing they need to aply more ruls to there economey.


I party all day and did fun activitey with my frind then I ate dretois cool ranch then I party aned every morning and then finaly it was time to go back to dever.