By:Tremayne Newman Pd.4


It was founded on Feb,12,1909. It was first used to repeal the Jim Crowe laws of that day. Also has been a huge instrument of the Civil Rights Era.
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NAACP goals:

-Climate Justice -rising sea levels = to homeless. Also Toxins in West Virginia kill thousands.

"Easier to find a bag of Cheetos than a carton of strawberries."

-Civic Engagement-Raise awareness for political, educational and social , economic equality of minority group citizen in the electoral process.

-Eliminate education related racial or ethnic disparities in public schools.

-Focus on better health care.

-Better Judicial System- results based criminal justice policies.

Needed new laws

South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford and NAACP want the new law of DNA samples of people arrested with felonies.

One of Us.

President Obama is a strong supporter of NAACP.
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