The Wide Window

The Wide Window is about how 3 Bauldriears find a good relative to live with after Uncle Monty died. They go to a big lake called lake Herman. At the top of a rolling hill, there was a boxy house with stilts supporting it. One day, their relative (Aunt Josephine) took them to the store. There, the kids found Count Olaf in a sailors suit and peg leg. Later that night, Aunt Josephine "Jumped" out of the window and left a note for the children. The children found some mistakes in the note and knew that their relative was on her a team for grammar. Mr. Poe a friend of them came and found out that Captain Sham (Count Olaf) was the perfect fit for the children and made a date for dinner with them. The children knew something was wrong and needed to find out what was causing this. The children had a reaction to peppermints and had to have them in order to buy some time. The children were noticed and need to go to the house. After 2 hours, they found the mistakes spelled CURDLED CAVE. The only place where there caves were at lake Herman. It turns out that CURDLED CAVE was at the other side of the lake and the only way to get there was to rent a boat from captain sham. Sunny sneaked up and took the keys from count Olaf's assistant before he woke up. They took a sailboat and then went out on the lake. They found Aunt Josephine and took her half way across they way before the leeches started to attack. Leeches were small worm-like animals that could eat you. The leeches attacked so hard that their boat started to sink. Captain Sham came to get them but, pushed Aunt Josephine out of the boat and to the end of her life. The children had to find a way to show Mr. Poe that Captain sham was Count Olaf. Sunny bit down hard on his peg leg and the peg leg came off to show that it was really count Olaf. Count Olaf and his comrade escaped.