Don't Smoke, it's a Joke

You don't want to smell my butt, don't make me smell yours.

Smoking Stats

Smoking kills over 440,000 Americans each year.
Smoking costs the U.S. 193 billion dollars each year.
Smoking is the most preventable cause of death in America.

Smoking Problems

Smoking increases your risk of lung cancer, heart attack, and stroke.
Smoking can harm your family (especially children) from secondhand smoke.
Smoking can cause yellowed fingers, unhealthy teeth, and bad breath.
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Ways to quit Smoking

Chewing gum, sunflower seeds, and hard candy are all good ways to quit smoking.
Physical activities is another way to stave off the cravings.
There are a lot of great videos online that can help smokers.

Chemicals found in cigarettes

Benzene-found in pesticides and gasoline

TSNAs-potent carcinogens

Pesticides-used to kill bugs

Ammonia-used in cleaning products

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