Ancient Africa

Exploring the deeper understanding of the Older days


Theses are some of the different Empires they have there in Ancient Africa.

Important facts

Ancient Africa should be taught through all high school history classes for a couple reasons:

1. Africa is known for the trading they did, that was known in the kingdom called Kush. They mostly did their trading with Eygpt, the Egyptians depending on Kush for many supplies. They exported iron, gold & other treasures up the Nile river. Other countries depended on their materials because they had a full supply of treasures in their country.

2. Ancient Africa had bebers that would travel across to different places and supply & demand. They would trade for iron

3. The religion, was polytheistic. They worshiped many gods, they built pyramids and buried dead people in them. There were lots of Christians as well that remained in these countries.