Counting on You:

Primary Sources, Child Labor & the Industrial Revolution

Types of Labor

A brief overview of the various types of industries in which children played a role.


Vermont History Explorer - Links to a variety of articles.

Smithsonian "In the Playtime of Others: Child Labor in the Early 20th Century."

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The Industrial Revolution FreedomFlix

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Grolier Encyclopedia

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Destiny Quest


The Social Welfare History Project An overview of the history of child labor.

The Lewis Hine Project The research behind "Counting on Grace" and other Lewis Hine photographs.

The Children in Lewis Hine's Photographs Includes links to census records.

U.S. Department of Labor History of child miners.


Hine, Lewis W. Addie Card], Anaemic Little Spinner in North Pownal Cotton Mill. 1910. Library of Congress National Child Labor Committee Collection. Library of Congress. Web. 26 Apr. 2015. <>. The inspiration for "Counting on Grace".