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January 11, 2016

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PBIS Update

WOW!!! Chapter 5 and 6 are great! I hope you have been enjoying it as much as I have. Connection and Communication is so very important. And if you noticed, these skills and commitments are taught, supported and reinforced in Morning Meetings! So keep up those morning meeting sessions! Our students and our school culture are much better as a result. Morning Meetings: Creating a Safe Space for Learning

We are looking forward to learning and sharing with the PBIS team on Tuesday at the faculty meeting!! Be sure to have Chapter 5 and 6 read. Thanks!!!

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Your team is so important! Thanks for supporting and taking care of one another!!!!

To Do's and Calendar Updates

  • Week of January 11th - Next Math CFA (analysis next week)

  • January 13th: Fire Drill 8:20

  • January 15th Early Release and January 18th Student and Teacher Holiday (MLK day)

  • January 22nd: Western Day

  • Week of January 25th - Next writing benchmark (composition and grammar) Let us know your prompt and provide a copy of your grammar assessment when you get a chance.

  • January Individual Data Talks - We will schedule a mid-year data talk with each teacher in January. You will meet with your assigned appraiser. See the following list for what to have prepared and what we will discuss (we will come to you):

  1. SPED and 504 Accommodation Tracking for each appropriate student
  2. RtI Intervention Sheets for each child
  3. Universal Screening and Progress Monitoring Data Collection System
  4. Guided Reading Record Keeping System - data collected during guided reading (Kelly Leach shared different systems a couple of weeks ago - if you need her help, please email her for ideas)
  5. Examples of Reading, Writing, and Content Area Journals/Notebooks you have students utilizing.
  6. Review of your Word Wall and how you are utilizing it with students. Click the following for some examples if you need it. Personal Word Wall and Classroom Word Wall Strategies
  7. Math CFA student tracking
  8. Other Formative Assessment tracking that you have in place
  9. Share any system you have in place where students are tracking their own data.

We will also discuss progress on your T-TESS goals. Thanks!

Professional Development and Learning - Faculty Meetings, PLC's, and Kelly Leach Visits

  • January 12th: Faculty Meeting - PBIS book study - have your chapters read so that you can participate fully.

  • January 15th: Early Release - Luncheon - short PD Session and then Six Weeks Assessment development for the fourth six weeks.

  • January 19th: PLC meetings during co-curr in the Think Tank. Math CFA analysis, protocol, and data tracking.

  • January 21st: Kelly Leach on campus to provide updates and training for Running Records. Meet in the Think Tank.

  • January 26th: Faculty Meeting 3:30

  • January 28th: Kelly Leach on campus for support and training
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T-TESS Tid Bit


  • Classroom Environment, Routines, and Procedures Dimension 3.1

The teacher organizes a safe, accessible and efficient


  • Managing Student Behavior Dimension 3.2

The teacher establishes, communicates and maintains

clear expectations for student behavior.

  • Classroom Culture Dimension 3.3

The teacher leads a mutually respectful and collaborative

class of actively engaged learners.

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