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Nov 16-20, 2017

Fun + Learn = Flurn

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from Bret-

Our next Delta 9 meeting is on Thursday, October 19th. Please get agenda items to your feeder pattern representative ASAP.

Feedback about the Elementary Learning meeting goes here.

At last week’s Learning Coach meeting, we discussed Principal vs. Coach roles found here. Additionally, we discussed the following questions that should occur between principals and coaches:

1. On what topics should we focus on first related to instruction? How has student data informed this decision?

2. How will we demonstrate the impact of coaching on teacher and student learning?

3. What roles and responsibilities will we each have in coaching and planning and delivering professional development?

4. How will we introduce coaching to the staff?

5. How and when will we communicate with each other?

6. What will the coach’s schedule look like?

Empowering Students at School

"I'm giving you this feedback because I believe in you."

from Special Services-

Please check out our fall edition of the ETC Newsletter! ETC stands for EXCEPTIONAL/TALENTED/COLLABORATIVE, which speaks to our department mission of building capacity among our staff to provide the best possible services to our students with disabilities. This edition features our district program teachers in a short video, recipients of the SPS Foundation grants, and highlights both a 30-year veteran district program teacher and a first-year district program teacher.

Gifted Education – Scholars Program

Each year, a small number of 5th grade students apply to the Scholars program located at Central High School. This program is our full-time alternative middle school experience for gifted learners. It is important to gather as much information about student applicants as possible to help ensure a successful Scholars experience. Information provided by classroom teachers is necessary to gain an understanding of the student in an academic setting. This year, we have prepared an electronic document for teachers to complete. This form will be emailed to teachers on October 23rd. It must be completed no later than November 10th in order to meet the November 21st student notification date.

We highly value your contribution to the education of our gifted students. Thank you for helping us ensure their future academic success. - Lenae Lazzelle

Professional Day (No Students)

Monday, Oct. 16th, 8am

district wide

Work hard. Play hard. Learn & laugh.

from J-

I know we have a number of student teachers in our system; many of whom are future rockstars. At this time, I am particularly interested in any amazing student teachers that will be graduating at the end of this semester. If you have such an individual at your site, please send me their name and a little info on them by Oct 20. If they happen to have a resume, please include that as an attachment.

I recently read an article in the Education and Urban Society journal. The author George Theoharis shared about a common leadership trait of principals that I was intrigued by - a complicated mix of arrogance and humility. While I think arrogance may be a bit on the strong side, I'm believe there is much around this concept of Confident Humility. Confident principals have a headstrong beliefs and core principles that they know what is best, and they are the ones needed to lead toward that vision. The humility aspect comes from self-doubt of their abilities and knowledge, questioning whether they are doing any good in their position. While it's a paradox, the idea resonates with me, and I hear examples of it in my discussions with you. Examples include: "I make a difference; I am making a positive impact on <xyz>." In the same visit, I hear "I've never experienced this at this level; I'm not confident I can do <xyz>."

I'm not at all alarmed by the contradictory combinations; rather, I'm encouraged by them. They are statements that I believe all true leaders make and struggle with. These type of thoughts/statements are the antecedents to leading courageously and learning voraciously. My thanks for exploring & embracing both sides of these traits.

Congrats on completion of the 1st quarter. Take in a breather and relax. I appreciate you and the work you do. #ThankAPrincipal

Compassion as a classroom management tool

"By itself, compassion is an important life skill. As a part of classroom management, compassion can enhance the effectiveness of any strategies you would normally put in place."

School Hall Chair Races - On your Monday's activity list?

More chair races

STAR Summit

We have been invited as guests to the fifth annual Shaping Teachers Across the Region Summit (STAR Summit) on Tuesday, November 7th. SPS has 75 seats for the Keynote Session with Dr. Mark Taylor, 1:30 – 3:30 at James River Church at 6100 N 19th Street in Ozark. (Doors open at 1pm.) This year, those attending STAR Summit will attend SPS Nowin the morning, and STAR Summit in the afternoon. This is a contrast from last year, so repeat attendees will need to note the change!

Please use this link to see the # of seats your school has been allotted. Use the space provided to enter the name of the person(s) attending the keynote.

Any seats unclaimed by October 20 will be reallocated. No action is needed if no one from your school will attend. Please contact Kathy Gross with questions.