Youth 24/7

Solid Rock Baptist Church

True Love Project

For the past couple of Sunday Nights at 24/7 Plugged we have been studying the True Love Project. How has this study changed your perspective on Love and Purity? It is my prayer that this lesson will help guide you in your relationships now and in the future.

Candy Bar Fundraiser

We are going Global this summer in Chatsworth, GA. If you would like to go and would like to raise money for your trip we have Worlds Finest Chocolate. Each box gives you $24 dollars back into your account. It's easy, simple, and good tasting!

Youth Sunday

On March 29 we will have Youth Sunday and Worship With Parents. It is our opportunity to show our commitment to the members of the church that we are not just attending but serving. We will have the Youth Band bringing the music, the Drama team, and Matt Layfield and Donavan Shaw bring the message. Please pray for this amazing opportunity and that those with ears to hear.
Eric Ludy - The Gospel
Eric Ludy - He is (The Names of God)