Board Meeting Summary

Glen Ellyn School District 41

May 10, 2021 Regular Board Meeting

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NOTE: In the interest of safety for Board and staff members, as well as the school community, the meeting format was adjusted. Due to current Executive Order requirements social distancing guidelines were in effect.
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In Attendance

President Robert Bruno, Vice President Jason Loebach, Secretary Jess Buttimer, Ted Estes, Julie Hill, Chris Martelli, Tayyaba Syed

Student Board Members -- Blake Noble and Asiya Ahmed

Public Participation | watch

Overview of Schools | watch

Principals presented an overview of each of the schools in District 41 including information about teaching strategies (Cycles of Inquiry) and HumanEx survey goals for staff.

  • Abraham Lincoln Elementary School | watch

  • Benjamin Franklin Elementary School | watch

  • Churchill Elementary School | watch

  • Forest Glen Elementary School | watch

  • Hadley Junior High School | watch

Superintendent Report

Planning for Next School Year | watch

Superintendent Kaczkowski gave an overview of the next phase of covid guidelines. In addition, she brought forward some of the structures that are being discussed for next year:

  • Restructuring of the building schedule to meet the needs for all students next school year.

  • Looking at possibly adding a position for a supervising nurse practitioner.

  • Plans for mitigation strategies for next year.

  • Nine min homeroom check-in time at Hadley.

  • Kindergarten day would remain the same. Focus on uninterrupted blocks of core instruction only.

  • Students will remain in the classroom for art and music in elementary school.

  • Prek hours change 8:15-10:45 and 12:45-3:15

  • Student immunization exclusion will be extended to Sept. 15.

District 41 has started collaboration with the community to help support a vaccination clinic for ages 12 and older later this month. More information will be coming soon.

Assistant Superintendent for Teaching, Learning and Accountability Dr. Katie McCluskey shared more details about the restructuring to meet the needs of a robust master schedule. Starting next year, teachers grades 3-5 would begin to teach both literacy and STEAM. District 41 would no longer have teacher specialization. Principals explained that it is not about the times of the day, it is about how all the parts of the day are structured. They talked about the impact to special education as well as the mitigation strategies that need to also be in place. Principals support the structure being presented to the Board.

Board members asked questions about the new structure and engaged in conversation about teacher specialization in grades 3-5. No Board action was needed at this Board meeting related to the restructuring for next school year.

New Board Member Orientation | watch

Organizational Structure

Cabinet Level Administration Overview

  • Teaching, Learning and Accountability

  • Finance, Facilities and Operations

  • Human Resources

  • Communications

Board Member Basics

Board Governance

Required Board Member Training | watch

Board Meetings | watch

  • Board Meeting Calendar

  • Board Meeting Norms

  • Board Policy

  • Board Meeting Rules

  • Board Meeting Evaluation

Board Relationships & Communications | watch

  • Board member to member

    • Email and Texting

    • Social Media

  • Superintendent

    • Goals, Expectations and Superintendent Evaluation

    • Board/Superintendent Communication Norms

    • Routine Communication from Superintendent

  • Staff

    • Collective Bargaining Agreements

  • Parent or Community

    • Board Committee Assignments


Committee Assignments | watch

Action Items | watch

Approve Personnel Report

(Voted Yes -- Martelli, Estes, Buttimer, Bruno, Loebach, Hill, Syed)

Approve Professional Services Contract for a Social Worker with The Stepping Stones


(Voted Yes -- Martelli, Estes, Buttimer, Bruno, Loebach, Hill, Syed)

Future Agenda Items

  • Agenda items for Meetings of the Whole

  • Remote learning available to quarantine students


Monday, May 24, 2021 | Regular Board Meeting, 7:00 p.m.

Monday, June 14, 2021 | Regular Board Workshop Meeting, 7:00 p.m.