All About Kittens!


Have you ever seen your cat meow and purr and rub on things? Have you ever wondered what those things mean or your kittens life stages or even fun facts or things you should know about your kitten? You will learn some of those things as you read on to answer your questions.

Kittens Behavior

kittens are good at showing you how they feel or what they want, some things are good and some are bad. Some good behavior is when your cat does a high pitch meow that means it is happy, and if its constant then it just wants attention. When your cat is purring it is happy and wants more attention. When your cat is rubbing it is happy and comfortable with you. It is showing that it likes you when your kitten roles over or shows you its stomach that means it trusts you. And when your cat snuggles up by you it wants attention and it is happy with the environment. Also when its tail is straight up that means that it is happy. When its tail is twitching that means that your cat is excited or curious. When your cats ears are inclined that means that your cat is relaxed and friendly. Cat usually never meow at each other it is usually to get attention from their human friends. A chirping noise means it is trying to say hello or want something or trying to get attention. Those are some good things and some things that mean bad behavior, never hit or shake or scare your kitten instead in a firm voice say its name and no. Also a low pitch meow means your cat is unhappy. When your cat is hissing it is scared but it is trying to show something that it isn't scared and it is trying to scare the other one. When your cats tail is tucked under its legs it is scared. When its ears are down it means a fight is about to erupt it is also a sign of aggression. These are some good and bad things your kitten shows you to tell how they are feeling.

Kittens Body Parts

kittens have very interesting facts about their body parts like cats are super smart you can teach them so many things “A cat is more intelligent than people believe, and can be taught any crime”-Mark Twain. You can teach them how to open the door with their paws and other things too. Did you know that a kitten's nose is just like a humans fingerprint no two the same. Also a kittens heart beats twice as fast as a humans does. Cats can almost always land on their feet. Kittens have very good night vision.

Kittens Life Stages

Did you know that a kitten gains about 2 ounces each week when young. Also did you know that a kitten can stand at the age of 3 weeks. Also when kittens are young their mother cleans and protects them. When your kitten is old enough it can do things on its own like run walk and clean itself. When your kitten is about 8-12 weeks old it can leave its mother and go to a new family.

Kittens Fun facts

Do you want to learn some fun facts about kittens well did you know that the Egyptians are thought to be the first people to keep cats in their house. Make sure that you have these things before you bring your cat home, cat carrier, toys, litter box/tray, food, a bed. When you let the cat out of the carrier don't bother it let it do what it wants until it starts to clean itself because that means your cat feels welcome and safe (your cat may still be shy if so leave it be). Cats love catnip buy some and put it where your cat feels the most welcome or on its bed and on its toys don't put lots on just some. Kittens are very playful so it would be great to get them a friend to keep them company.

Now you know all the answers to your questions, and some more things about your kittens behavior and some cool things about them that you might want to know and I'm going to go now and play with my kitten bye!