Fe 26 Male

The worlds best superhero is a Female....


Born in to greatness Fe26Male takes flight. The Daughter of Tony Stark and Pepper Pots, Fe26Male, otherwise known as Georgia Stark, gets her power from her greatness. Its not just the suit she wears its part of her literally. Losing her legs in a car accident as a small child she has overcame many barriers. One of following her father's footsteps. After the accident, caused by an a group wanting to kidnap her for ransom, she asked her father for a suit. Tony was reluctant at first but, gave in. She and her father have been fighting crime ever since...


Basically everything her father can do she can, with a few modifications. She can also control iron melt it at its melting point of 2,800 F and make it boil at 4,982 F. Due for it being magnetic she can control it using magnetic fields built into her suit. Her suit is silver like iron and red for the fact iron helps blood. Her suit is dense 7.87 g/mc 2.

Her Enemy and Hideout

Her enemy is a group of thugs ran by Inferno. Inferno can control fire. He could possibly melt her suit and leave her powerless.

Her hideout is still her house. She has an underground lab under her parents house, seeing that she is still under 18. If she gets grounded it means no lab for a week.

Cool Iron Facts