Vincent Van Gogh

By: Ashton cruz and Rebecca Kaiser

When and where Born:

Vincent Van Gogh was born in the Nertherlands, Holland on March 30, 1853.

early Life:

He quit school when he was only 15 and he was not very good at it. When he was an adult he was an art dealer, he was a teacher, a book seller, and a precher. Then he decied to be artist. He went to many art schools to learn how to make art.

character traits:

He was quiet and serious. He was also depressed and ill.

challenges overcome:

Vincent Van Gogh was so angry once that he cut off part of his ear.He was very poor and ill and nobody liked him. Kids and adults teased him all the time. Everyone sent him letters to move to another town.


He made great art and became the world's most tragic astist who ever lived so far. His paintings are really popular.

Interesting Information:

He's friends with his postman. He cut part of his ear off. Kids and adults teased him. People sent him letters to move away.

books and websites I used:

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