April 2014


I want to go snowboarding at Mount Hood Meadows. Physical weathering, along with running water and gravity helped carve out dangerous paths. I would go with all my friends so we could all have fun!

#2-Scuba Diving

I would like to go scuba diving in Thailand at Mu Koh Similan National Marine park. This is physical weathering, along with running water and waves that help break down the large rock into sand. I think it would be fun to see a FISH!!!!


i would like to go skiing in Stowe , Vermont. Physical weathering is by ice, erosion is by gravity, and deposition is by wind. I would take cat because it is fun with her. Yeah, right. -_-


i think it would be fun to go parasailing in Miami.the sand beaches are caused by physical weathering the water pushing hard against the rock. I would take my family so I could have more fun with everyone!

#5-Cherry blossom trees

I would love to see the cherry blossom in their first bloom in Japan. Physical weathering would be the wind and gravity pushing the flower petals to the ground. I would take all of my otaku (anime\manga lovers.) Friends.