7th Grade News

May 2-6, 2016

ELA & Math MAP Testing will take place on Monday & Tuesday. Please be sure students are on time and test ready!

Science - Mrs. Sexton

We will continue to review for SCPASS testing. Students have a study guide they should be using. They also have vocabulary lists for each unit. We will have a vocabulary quiz on Tuesday. This quiz covers ecology, cells & genetics, and chemistry.

Science & Social Studies - SC PASS testing - May 11th & 12th

Social Studies & ELA - Mrs. Owensby

7th Grade SS

Students will review the previously learned content in preparation for PASS. We will play review games and take practice tests from each nine weeks.

7th Grade ELA

Students will begin a new list of stems on Monday (review form last year) with a stems quiz on Friday. We will begin a unit on poetry. We will continue our practice of editing and vocabulary building.

Art - Mr. Winchester

7th Grade is working to complete their Charleston Gates. Over the next week or so, students will be making selections on that piece or pieces they would like to go into the Festival of Flowers Youth Juried Art Show.

REMINDER: May 10th - NYC Parent meeting.

ELA - Mrs. Templeton

Sorry, The students will have MAP testing Monday and Tuesday morning. We will begin a novel study on Wednesday. Stems will resume this week.

Science - Mrs. Griffin

Griffin's Science

The students will be completing SC PASS review activities. Students are asked to make up any assignments that they are missing. Our schedule will be determined by MAP testing, therefore check Google Classroom for information.

Social Studies - Mrs. Babb

Students will be completing their study of the Modern Era following MAP testing scheduled for Monday morning and Tuesday morning. Due to testing last week, students did not attend this class, so I have posted some review activities for the PASS test which will be given on May 12th. Instructions for students will be posted on Google Classroom and available to them to use this weekend.

During our class review, students will answer practice question on a sample test, discuss essential topics-Exploration, Governments,The Enlightenment, Revolutions,The Great Depression and the Rise of Totalitarianism, World War I and II, The Creation of Israel, The Cold War, The Fall of the Soviet Union, Middle East Conflicts, Humans Rights, Environmental Issues, the Modern Era- and play Quizlet Live.

Just a Reminder: Students who need to improve test scores are aware that all makeup and retests are offered on Monday and Tuesday after school. I encourage students to take advantage of this opportunity.

Math - Mr. Smith

Please include the attach flyer for the Governor School Engineering Camp at Lander this summer. This opportunity is for rising 8th and 9th grade students. Remember our ACTS students did a clean sweep at iTeams last summer and won scholarships to the summer residential camp GoSciTech at GSSM this summer! Financial assistance is available for students.