Styles Of Aloha Shirts

Aloha shirts are one of a kind and feature prints which make these absolutely unique and special. However, aloha shirts were always not the same. Although these shirts were primarily designed to reflect the cool, laid back lifestyle of Hawaiian beaches, these have undergone major changes to suit the palettes of people. Hence, it is extremely necessary to be aware of the changes made and what style of aloha shirts are most preferred in order to you yourself and your family a pair of elegant and stylish aloha shirts.

Styles Of Aloha Shirts

Aloha shirts mostly differ from each other on the basis of fabric used and the type of prints imprinted upon the shirts. While initially, aloha shirts mostly displayed bold and vibrantly colored floral patterns all over the shirts, some people found the design to be a fashion disaster and hesitated to sport the style. It was then that the look and appeal of these shirts were transformed and altered to meet the choice of people of different mindset and lifestyle. While the initial style is still available today and continue to rule the market with people who love the colorful and vibrant nature of the island, many more varieties of designs have emerged lately.

Whole Body Print

These varieties are the most commonly seen and are also the traditional varieties. While many people love the exciting, volatile nature of these aloha shirts, many prefer to maintain their conservative styles. Whole-body or all-over printed aloha shirts are characterized by large and bold patterns imprinted all-over the shirts. Although floral designs are mostly common with this variety of shirts, some other patterns can also be imprinted like, cowboys, fishes, abstract prints, foliage, drink glasses, cars and hula girls. These shirts are characterized by repeating patterns, which are normally kept the same in size but are generally differed in alignment and orientation. While the traditional all-over printed aloha shirts were designed to be worn without tucking in pants, the modern varieties have longer hemlines and can be worn tucked-in. Visit here to get mesmerized with the variety.

Paneled Designs

Probably the most elegant and artistically-enhanced varieties, aloha shirts displaying panels of design are also probably the most sophisticated varieties. This variety has emerged as a result of people who love to be a bit on the conservative side, while matching their mindset with the free-spirited nature of Hawaii. These shirts are characterized by one or more panels of not-so-conspicuous designs, which are pushed to one side of the shirt and mostly comprise of designs of small or large floral patterns, scenic beauties, bikes and palm trees. The panels are normally aligned vertically or horizontally.