Black Death!

Gracie Davis

The Black Death

Hello to all. For anyone who doesn't know, the black death has been spreading rapidly around our city and it needs to stop! The Black Death is one of the most devastating pandemics in human history and it is almost always fatal. This is causing our city to fall because people are turning away. We need everyone to help!! It is carried by fleas and rats in cities and towns. The fleas and rats have come to our city from boats that traveled overseas. We are doing everything that we can to limit the number of deaths in our city.

Symptoms and Dangers

Some symptoms of the black death include dark splotches, high fever, vomiting, and severe headaches. If you or somebody that you know is experiencing these symptoms PLEASE contact the closest doctor or go to the closest hospital that you see/know. There are so many severe dangers included in this disease and it can be spread by rats/fleas. Already 10 million people have died and we are hoping that number does not rise.
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