Personality Type Presentation

By: Ryan Green

If my personality type was a candy, it would be Skittles.

My personality candy would be Skittles because they are colorful which means they are a "happy" candy and I'm generally a happy person.

If my personality type was a number, it would be 10.

My personality number would be 10 because everyone in my family that has played baseball has been that number. It appeals to my emotions when I wear the necklace my dad gave me when he had to quit baseball. The necklace has a number 10 and a glove on it.

If my personality type was a ______, it would be a ______.....

If my personality type was a vegetable, it would be a....

Onion because appeal to emotions sometimes when they make you cry.

More Examples...

If my personality type was a famous athlete, it would be....

Marcus Lattimore, the running back for the South Carolina Gamecocks, because he had a horrific knee injury but he stayed strong and optimistic through his physical therapy and now he's almost back to normal. I chose this because I also had a bad knee injury while I was playing baseball but I stayed optimistic throughout physical therapy and I got back to where I could play the game I love.

"They can because they think they can." -Virgil

I chose this quote because confidence and optimism are kind of the same thing and this quote shows that the right mindset when doing something can help you achieve your goal.