The December Howler

December 2021

Calendar of Events for December

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Principal's Message


We are asking that you opt into school messenger. This is where important messages will be sent from in the event of an emergency. Thank you for helping us keep the communication lines open.

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Our School Spelling Bee will be held in-person this year. It will take place on December 15th at 2:30PM in the school cafeteria.

We are so proud of all the students that qualified for this important event!

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The website has all our club information on it. You will need to watch for the school cash link that will be emailed out when the club sponsor makes them available.

We have A few Clubs going on now. In an effort to help the clubs we are asking that only the student enrolled in the club be dropped off or stay after school. These activities are before and after school so only the Club sponsor will be there at that time to watch the children. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Pom squad Mondays 7:40 am drop off with a 7:45 start time.

Dance team Mondays 4:10pm start time. Please be here promptly @ 5pm for pick up.

Yearbook Club Thursdays 7:40 drop off with a 7:45 am start time.

Young Men of Distinction Wednesdays 7:50 drop off with a 7:55 start.

Science Club- December 2nd drop off time 7:50am Starts of 7:55am

Wolves on the Run is open in school cash Start time TBA after the new year

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Counselor Information


Students in grades K-5 will have four opportunities during the school year to use “credit-by-exam” to accelerate to another grade level. Students will only have one opportunity to test for each grade level considered.

To apply to take the test to skip kindergarten, a student must be 5 by September 1, and registered in a CFISD school. To apply to take the test to skip grade 1, a student must be 6 by September 1, and enrolled in a CFISD school.

Students who earn scores of 80% or better on each component of the credit-by-exam will qualify to advance one grade. Only one grade level may be “skipped” each year. No retests will be given. If you would like for your student to be tested this summer, you will need to fill out an application and there are two options for testing. Credit by Exam testing will be June 6-7 and another round of testing is offered July 26-27. Please note that May 21st is the last day to turn in a completed application for credit by exam testing. Any applications received after May 21st, will not be accepted. If you are interested in getting more information about credit-by-exam, please contact the school counselor.

Enrolled In

Test Student Will Take

Will Accelerate To


1st Grade Math & Language Arts / Reading

2nd grade in 2021-2022 school year


2nd Grade Math, Language Arts / Reading & Science

3rd grade in 2021-2022 school year


3rd Grade Math, Language Arts / Reading & Science

4th grade in 2021-2022 school year


4th Grade Math, Language Arts / Reading & Science

5th grade in 2021-2022 school year


5th Grade Math, Language Arts / Reading & Science

6th grade in 2021-2022 school year


For fifth grade students who want to skip subjects in grade 6, follow the application procedures and timeline for middle school.

Review the STAAR Testing Dates below:

  • Tuesday, May 10th - 3rd-5th STAAR Math (Paper Administration)

  • Wednesday, May 11th -3rd-5th Grade STAAR Reading (Paper Administration)

  • Thursday, May 12th - 5th Grade STAAR Science (Paper Administration)

  • Friday-Tuesday, May 13th - 17th - Makeup testing for 3rd-5th STAAR testing

*In CFISD there is no such thing as opting out of State Testing. During the testing window, your child will be presented with the state test that is posted on the Texas Education Agency website calendar. If your child is absent on the testing date, we are required to present them with the test upon their return to the campus.

House Bill 4545 was passed during the legislative session in 2021. This legislation requires the school district/schools to provide 30 hours of accelerated instruction in reading and/or math based upon your child’s unsuccessful performance on the state test. This includes our 5th grade students that transition to middle school.

In the past 5th graders have had the opportunity to take the exam up to 3 times. This is no longer the case. They will only have 1 opportunity to take the exam and pass as noted on the schedule above. Failure to pass the exam will result in accelerated instruction as well as possibility of losing an elective and/or other priviledges based upon the middle school policy.

Another important point of this legislative session is that student’s retention/placement/promotion criteria are no longer dependent upon our 5th graders passing the state testing exam. As has been the case in previous years, students are to maintain a 70 + average in reading/writing, math, science, and social studies to be promoted to the next grade level.

Gifted and Talented/Horizons Testing

Gifted and Talented nomination forms for spring testing were due Tuesday, November 30th. All forms submitted for testing are used to screen students for the Horizons program. The gifted and talented testing will take place in January 2022. Testing results will be sent home when the district office provides them to the campus.

Rating Scales or Recommendation Forms

If you have a teacher rating scale form or any teacher recommendation forms for teachers to complete, please send those directly to Mrs. Harris or Mrs. Bitz. We must have parents complete a Release of Confidentiality form before the teacher can complete any documents. Each school year, a new release of information form will need to be completed.Once we’ve received the release, teachers will be able to complete the rating scales or teacher recommendation forms.

If your student is in Martial Arts USA and needs a recommendation for belt testing, please make sure you contact Mrs. Harris, or Mrs. Bitz, to receive your release of information form for the school year. Once the release of the information form is completed, your student’s teacher(s) will be able to complete the recommendation.

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Library News!

Name That Book is a reading contest for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades. It involves a list of 100 books selected by CFISD librarians as the top picks for 3rd-5th graders. The program was designed to encourage students to read books from a variety of authors and genres. Students who are interested will come into the library on Tuesday, November 30th and take a “quiz” to see how many of the 100 books they are familiar with. The students who earn the top scores will be placed on teams that will have the opportunity to compete against other teams in their grade level on January 18, 2022. In February, the top team for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade will compete against each other and a school-wide winning team will be announced. That team will go on to represent Woodard in the regional competition on March 29, 2022. A copy of the Name That Book list can be found on the CFISD website at

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Nurse Information

Nurses Corner

Link to the Nurses’ webpage: Clinic Website

School Nurse: Denise Knippers RN

Clinic # 281-213-8240 l Fax # 281-373-2304 l Main # 281-373-2303


What is happening in December:

  • See to Succeed Paperwork is due no later than 12/6/2021. This is an opportunity for all students who have received the See to Succeed packet / referral for vision. Space is limited.

  • Immunizations/Vaccinations: Send updated records (ie. COVID-19 vaccine) to school clinic or UPLOAD HERE

  • Free COVID-19 testing for staff and students. Follow the link for updated information. Register for COVID TEST HERE

  • Harris County Immunizations at Berry Center:

    • Location: Conference room A from 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

    • Dates: Thursday, December 16, 2021 Tuesday, January 18, 2022 Wednesday, February 16, 2022 Thursday, April 22, 2022 Wednesday, May 18. 2022 Wednesday, June 15, 2022

    • Dates are subject to change refer to link: Harris County Immunizations



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Car Rider Reminders:

The cross walk has begun to cause our car rider line to slow down in the morning. We are asking that if you do not need to come into the building, stay in a single line next to the curb and drop the student(s) off, where the staff is assigned to help unload the cars as is outlined in the Woodard Student Handbook.

AM-Car Rider drop off begins at 8:15am and runs until 8:40 am. Class begins promptly at 8:40am so if you are arriving at 8:40am your child is starting the day behind. After 8:40am you will need to park and come into the building and sign your student(s) in. The car rider crew returns to their regular duties as school has already started.

PM -Car Rider is a double line load and roll system. If you forget or lose your Car Rider tag you must park and come in to sign out your Student(s). Please note that we do not release students to non-guardians without a note.

Thank you for understanding in helping us keep the children safe.


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Early Release or Change of Transportation:

Important Reminders:

Early Dismissal, Change of Transportation and

Visitors to Campus :

District policy- A person’s inclusion on the emergency card will not authorize that person to have access to the campus or the student(s) without separate written permission from a parent / guardian to do so.

Woodard policy- In addition to district policy in the event there is no note from a guardian/ parent, we will do a courtesy call to verify we can let this person(s) on campus for their Student(s). Please note that it will delay them without a note ahead of time.

District policy- All persons including the parents/guardians and visitors should be prepared to present a picture ID and state their purpose to the school officials upon arrival to the campus.

Transportation changes / Leave early notes

We verify all information in eschool before we process a note.

All notes to the front desk need to contain:

First and Last name of the student(s)-(No Nicknames)

Homeroom teachers name and grade level

First and Last name of the person picking up(If not a guardian) with release time.

First and Last names of lunch visitors.

Per District Policy- we can not accept emails for early release or transportation changes. Which requires a handwritten signature. You may send a note to school with the student(s) or fax a note to the front desk 281-373-2304 with a copy of your ID.

NO CHANGES- Transportation Changes or Early Release will be made after 3:00pm without a note, after that an Administrative Approval is needed. You may have to wait in order for this to happen. Thank you for understanding and helping us keep the children safe.

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When you are volunteering on campus, please notify the front desk receptionist so your hours can be logged as volunteer time. If you volunteer after hours or weekends, you can log your

hours manually. Visit the volunteer page at

Woodard uses the “Raptor System” to log volunteer hours. This assists us in getting you the recognition you deserve and an invitation to the VIPS Appreciation Event in April. Also, it is a portion of the annual report we submit to the Superintendent of Schools and the Board of Trustees. We want the community to know how valuable our volunteers are, and how much they assist in the success of our school.
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