Implicit Bias

By: Ashlynn Jones, 3rd Period

What is implicit bias?

The attitudes or stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions, and decisions in an unconscious manner.

What are the key things to know about the concept of Implicit Biases? Explain several in your own understanding.

It is normal to have implicit biases, in fact everyone possesses some. As humans, we naturally show favoritism towards our own ‘ingroup’ having a positive implicit bias. Although the implicit biases people hold may not match up with the individual's beliefs, this is completely natural.

Why is the topic of ‘implicit biases’ uncomfortable for people to consider? When you took the IATs what was revealed to you about yourself did you have surprising results? Are you happy or dissatisfied with the results?

I believe that the topic of 'implicit biases' is often considered as uncomfortable because their opinion may not fit in with the social norm. I feel as if people are ashamed for what their opinions actually are. Taking the IATs did not really surprise me with my outcomes, but it made me realize some of the opinions I didn't know I had. I wanted to tell myself I didn't "pick sides" but taking the test showed me that I do and it is common. I don't have a feeling of satisfaction or dissatisfaction towards my outcome, but it made me realize some of my true opinions and caused me to be more aware of them.

Why do ‘implicit biases’ arise in society? In what ways is it understandable for people to have implicit biases?

Implicit biases arise in society because it is natural in human behavior. It is understandable for people to have positive implicit biases towards their own race/ group.

There have been a number of troubling ‘police shootings’ in the U.S. in the recent past. How does understanding the concept of implicit biases connect with the topic of the Black Lives Matter movement?

It is true that all cops aren't prejudice or racist, but this doesn't mean they don't hold implicit biases. The Black Lives Matter movement may be eye opening to some by revealing some implicit biased they might carry.

Describe the process of taking an IAT. How does the test reveal implicit biases through the test?

When you take the IAT test you first have to got through many pictures and words. While the pictures/ words are showing up you have to match them with the correct category. It tests your first instinct by matching words or pictures to different categories.

Find an adult to take the race IAT. Have them complete the test. Give me reasonable proof that you completed this part. Have a discussion with the adult about the IAT. Relate the tone and feelings about the adults IAT experience.

I had an adult take this test and claimed that it opened her eye. She was happy that she took the test because it made her think about things that that don't usually cross her mind.

Overall, explain what are the most important things you understand about the topic of implicit biases through this project?

Everyone is guilty of having implicit biases. They affect the unconscious manner meaning you can have beliefs you aren't even aware of.

Explain in detail the difference between implicit biases and prejudice and racism

Implicit biases affect our unconscious manner, whereas prejudice and racism you are aware of your actions and have control over them.