Module Six Honors Summative

by Hannah Fette

Classical Conditioning

Right when I learned to ride a bike, I fell off and scraped my knee really badly while listening to my favorite song at the time, "Paparazzi" by Lady Gaga. For a while after that, I was afraid to try and ride again to get better, and every time I heard the song I winced.

  • UCS- Falling off my bike
  • UCR- Scraping my knee and crying
  • CS- "Paparazzi"
  • CR- wincing every time I hear "Paparazzi"

Operant Conditioning

Sometimes, when I have had a long day, I really don't feel like doing anything other than laying in bed. This has caused some problems, however. I have had days where all my work piled up and I was forced to do all of it in one day. Now, even though I may not want to, I try to do all of my work as soon as possible to avoid this issue.

  • What behavior was modified/changed? Being lazy and procrastinating on homework
  • Was the behavior strengthened or weakened? weakened
  • What was the consequence? Having a lot of homework to do all in one day (positive punishment)
  • Was the consequence added or subtracted? added

Observational Learning

For a long time I couldn't tie my shoes. Finally, one day, my mom was fed up with having to tie my shoes for me, so she showed me how to tie one over and over until I finally got it down. From then on, I bragged to my friends that I could tie my shoes by myself.

  • Attention: I watched my mom tie a shoe
  • Retention: I remembered how she tied the strings and what she did with her hands
  • Reproduction: I copied her movements and tied the shoe myself
  • Motivation: I could brag to my friends that I could tie a shoe by myself while they struggled to

My Operant Conditioning Experiment

My school has a large field out in the front of it where the soccer and football teams practice, but it is also where some kids can go outside and eat lunch if they choose. However, once they are done, hardly any trash is picked up and they leave the area looking like a dump. Although this may be a little extreme, I think we should have a sign up sheet where kids can sign up to go outside, and their ticket back to class after lunch is two pieces of trash. That way, everyone will pick up after themselves, the field will look as nice as it usually does, and the school won't have to close off the field during lunches. I think this would be effective for the most part, but it may cause some problems with students who just want to hang out on the field who didn't bring any trash outside. They may have to check in with someone and tell them the situation.

  • What behavior was changed? Refusing to pick up after oneself
  • Was the behavior weakened or strengthened? Weakened
  • What was the consequence? Being tardy to class, which would result in other more extreme consequences (positive punishment)
  • Was the consequence added or subtracted? Added