Dr. Suess

Report by: Aidan James Dickson

His Life

  • Name: Ted Geisel
  • Date of birth: March 2,1904.
  • Birthplace: Springfield, Massachusetts.
  • Family details: His father ran the zoo,He had a sitter name Marnie and His family are German.

Famous Books

  • The Cat In The Hat.
  • Green Eggs And Ham.
  • Oh,The Places You Can Go.
  • Hop On Pop
  • On Beyond Zebra
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His Career

  • He was a famous author.
  • His books teach kids life lessons.
  • He drew cartoon for magazines.
  • During World War 2, he wrote documentaries for the military.

Life Achievements

  • He got married with a girl name Helen Palmer.
  • He helped millions of kids to read.
  • He won the Pulitzer Prize.
  • He won the Academy Award.


  • Work and Sweat.
  • Today you are you! That is true then true! There is no one alive you-er then you.