BY: Brendan Huet

Deforestation in Nigeria


A) My country is Nigeria, this country struggles with deforestation.

Description of Problem

B.) Deforestation is the removal of a forest  where the land is converted to a non-forest use. An example of deforestation is when you destroy a forest and make it into rural use.

Description of Cause and Effect

C.) If all of Nigeria's forest got destroyed, that means that there would be very little oxygen in the country. This would make most of the plants die, and then overtime every living thing would die. Plus, if you destroy all of the forests in Nigeria, there would be no room for the animals to live.


D.) My solution for the deforestation in Nigeria is reforestation. Reforestation would reverse deforestation, this has already worked in many countries. A big country that has used reforestation is China.

My Fund

E.) I will fund my project with my Grandpa's money. He recently passed away and it says in his Will that all his money is going to me. I am very thankful for that. I will use the money for the best!