Natural disaster

Uttarakhand 2013

Uttarakhand diaster

The cloud burst that hit Uttarakhand on June 14, 2013 triggered floods and landslides leading to thousands of deaths and some missing. Helping the people regain their lost property and house is going to be a challenge for the Uttarakhand government - in fact the whole country
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Reasons for the disaster

Uttarakhand has always been a place where engineers try new devices the dams are one of the main reasons The engineers have tried 70-odd projects on its tributaries. In building these projects the key tributaries would be modified through diversion to tunnels or reservoirs to such an extent that 80 per cent of the Bhagirathi and 65 per cent of the Alaknanda could be affected . As much as 90 per cent of the other smaller tributaries could be “affected” the same way
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Steps taken by the government

As many as 33,152 persons have been moved to safer areas in massive relief and rescue operations launched by the Central and state governments to tackle the unprecedented situation caused by flash floods.The Air Force has deployed 13 more aircraft taking the number of aircraft for relief and rescue operations to 43 said Minister Manish Tewari.

He said the Railways was also operating special trains from Dehradun to Delhi, Ambala and Lucknow to ferry stranded pilgrims and tourists.

Tewari said the Railways along with the Uttarakhand government has also offered to send all stranded passengers free of cost to their respective destinations.

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