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Steroids by format

This article breaks down the most common formats in which steroids are presented : injectable and oral .

Injectable Steroids
In the world of performance enhancing drugs (PED 's) there are thousands of options to choose from. Of all the PED 's out there, anabolic- androgenic steroids are the most used and best known , among which stand out the injections.

The EAA 's can be found in many different forms or states : transdermal creams, subcutaneous implants , etc. . But the most important and effective are oral and course injectables.

As I mentioned , the most common being oral and injectable , the latter are those who take the first prize in the PED 's.

Of the many EAA 's out there, you will realize that there are many that can be found both in oral and injectable format . In general, injectable provide greater stability , better gains and greater tolerance in the area of ​​side effects. But make no mistake , there are many drugs that can only be obtained in one of two formats, or, in the case there are two , one is clearly inferior to the other ( and need not always be the oral version the substance) . Let us know some injectable steroids .

There are many injectable steroids available , but there are many more used and easier to find than others. Of these , the most known and used is testosterone , and can obviously come in different formats of the same steroid injection ( like most) .

Of all the EAA 's injectable exist, these are the most used and known :

Deca -Durabolin ( Nandrolone decanoate )
Equipoise ( Boldenone Undeclienato )
Masteron ( Drostanolone Propionate )
NPP ( Nandrolone Phenylpropionato )
Omnadren ( Mixture of 4 testosterones )
Parabolan ( trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate )
Primobolan Depot ( enanthate Methenolona )
Sustanon -250 ( Mixture of 4 testosterones )
Testosterone cypionate ( long life Ester testosterone )
Testosterone enanthate ( long life ester of testosterone )
Testosterone propionate ( Ester short life of testosterone)
Testosterone Suspension (Testosterone unesterified )
Trenbolone Acetate ( Ester Trenabolone short life )
Trenbolone enanthate ( long life Ester Trenbolone )
Winstrol Depot ( Stanozolol )

These 15 EAA 's injections are the most common and most used of all, and possibly the only ones who are going to need a user of these substances.

Of these 15 , there are 2 that can be found both in injectable form as oral format : Primobolan and Winstrol . In the case of Winstrol , they are one of the few steroids which is just as effective in injectable form in its oral form . The same can not be said of Primobolan , because, above that already is not very powerful , its oral form is practically useless ( unless very high doses are consumed ) ,buy deca online on web.

Testosterone can also be found in pill form , but absorption of the hormone is quite poor and take on this form is dangerous, because it can be very toxic .
Steroids by format