Gregor Mendel

Katie Martin

About Mendel

He was born July 20,1822. He was born into an ethnic German family and he lived in Eastern Europe. In the span of his childhood,he was sick a lot. He became a priest because he couldn't stand to be outside the monastery. He changed his name from Johann to Gregor when he became a priest. Johann as a child did help his father in the orchard and he was the only boy out of 4 sisters. He was considered "gifted" in his class
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Science unapproved by the Austrian empire,is a negative, micro conflict in Mendel's opinion because it only effects his future and career.

Mendel's work not being recognized is would be a negative,macro conflict because the world was delayed of its rightful knowledge of genetics and such.

He was an outsider to both sides of people,being a negative,macro conflict according to everyone because he was disliked by them.

In 1851 the monastery sent him to study math and science at the University of Vienna.That is a positive,micro conflict because it furthers his knowledge of what he studies.

Mendel Having to keep track of his research is a positive, micro conflict. He was the only one really affected and it helped him understand it more.

He provided information that was too complicated for others to comprehend. This is negative and macro according to Mendel because,its again, important information.


The life of Gregor Mendel is basically made up of studying and working. Keeping up with pea plants and genetic studies is really all he could do because of his sicknesses. Other than working in the orchard.

Conflict Animal

He would be an owl because he highly values his own goals and relationships. He tried to solve his own conflicts while making everyone happy,and maintain his relationships.