EIMS Lancer Update

December 30th

Lancer Update

Lancer Families,

A huge thank you to the PTSA for providing lunch for the staff on December 23rd - it was truly appreciated.

As we gather information about the availability of test kits as announced by the Governor, we will send out a talking points.

As we begin 2022 please speak to your children about their use of social media. The number one issue that causes conflict in our building is students saying whatever they feel like saying on social media about other students or adults in the building. We are aware that social media is now a part of our students' daily routines, but using social media responsibly is what we are asking you to discuss with your children. The students don't need to text, teams, snap chat, or whatever new social media app they are using, while in class. We need all students to spend their day concentrating on the classroom learning. Thank you in advance for having these discussions.

We are well aware and are working with district security as well as the director of buildings and grounds about pickup and drop off traffic. Please continue to pick up your child at the school and not on Densmore. Having students cross without crossing guard or marked crossing lanes is extremely dangerous. IPD have been notified that this is a trend, so please wait to pick up your child off the sidewalk attached to the school. (see attached picture)

The parent portal is open and you should be able to view your child's progress report for this 15 week marking period. Thank you to our staff for all they do for your children, and thank you families for all the support you lend to your children and our school community. It is greatly appreciated.

If you are dropping food off for your son or daughter, it needs to be during lunch time:

6th Grade Lunch- 10:45

7th Grade Lunch- 11:25

8th Grade Lunch- 12:10

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Dance - January 7th - 6:30 - 8:00 pm - Please read about drop off and pick up

To alleviate the drop off and pick up issues we experienced in October, we have two drop off and pick up locations. Please feel free to use either one. The drop off/pick up at the gym area is the same as it always has been. The other option is to drop off/pick up in the north lot - with your child walking to the back gym door. We will have two entrances into the dance, with your child being able to show their ticket or pay the $3 to enter.

Pre-sale tickets will be available in the main office Thursday and Friday.

If you want to volunteer to help out with the dance email Paula Gullo at prgullo@yahoo.com.

NEW - Rapid PCR testing Machines - Check it out

Beginning on Monday, November 22nd East Irondequoit schools will begin offering the Rapid PCR test option. We have three rapid testing machines at both of our primary schools and our middle school. Due to the limited number of testing machines, any parent/guardian who chooses to have their student tested must work with their student’s nurse to schedule a time for testing. No test will be administered without the consent of the parent or guardian.

The Rapid PCR testing option will be considered after a symptomatic student is assessed by the school nurse. An adult will need to pick the student up from school. With consent, the student will be rapid PCR tested while waiting to be picked up. Before the following day, the adult will know the result of the test, and if negative, the student can return to school once symptoms have resolved.

The Rapid PCR testing machines can process up to two tests each hour. Although we can access test results in a shorter amount of time, we are still limited in the volume that can be processed on any given day.

Considerations for the use of the COVID 19, Rapid PCR Test option:

  1. The tests are for testing students, only.
  2. Tests are to be used in situations where a student is symptomatic in school and will need clearance from a doctor or a negative PCR test result to return to school.
  3. Testing will be performed on students during normal school hours or by appointment depending on individual nurse schedules.
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Please continue to screen your children before they get on the bus, walk, or ride to school. Use the pamphlet above to help guide your decisions! Thank You

Parent and Family Engagement

The district strongly encourages parent and family member engagement in all school programs. The district believes that a partnership between school and parents/families is essential for the success of all students in every aspect of their education. The district works to involve parents and families in the development of all Federal and State grants. The district will work with the PTA/PTSA units to identify parent/family representatives from each school to meet at least once a year with the Title I Coordinator to review the Title I program. Through coordinated efforts by the Office of Instruction, building principals, Site Based teams and PTA/PTSA Representatives, the district will assist all schools in planning and implementing effective parent/family involvement activities to improve student academic achievement and school performance. Various assessment tools, effective practices information and resource support programs for parents/families will be used to implement these activities. The district will send information to parents/families in a plain language format intended to be understood by all parents/family members. We are always happy to translate any district communication as needed!

To view the full district policy, follow this link: https://www.eastiron.org/Page/6002

Updates from the Nurse

Just a reminder that the following are required vaccines for incoming 6th and 7th graders by December 31, 2021:

6th graders need Tdap vaccine (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis)

7th graders need Meningococcal (meningitis). https://bit.ly/3q34BTX

7th graders need a physicals. https://bit.ly/3zpy1Qh

Job Opportunities in District

The district is hiring for transportation, food service, and building aide positions. Join the Lancer family. Come join the EIMS staff - we need food service workers and building aide....


Important Phone Numbers

Nurse - 339 -1404
Security Desk - 339 - 1531
Ms. Sloane - Principal - 339 -1402
Mr. Zeller - Assistant Principal Lightning Team - 339 - 1589

Emily Austin - Counseling Secretary- 339-1405
Mrs. Harnden - 6th grade counselor - 339-1410
Ms. Potter - Lightning 7th & 8th- 339 - 1412
Mrs. Patterson - Thunder 7th & 8th- 339 - 1414
Mrs. Haritatos - Social Worker - 339 - 1438

Ms. O'Brien- Social Worker Thunder Team- 339-1403
Mrs. Nowakowski - Social Worker Lightning Team - 339 - 1415

Ms. O'Leary- School Psychologist- 339-1419

Technology Help Desk - 339 -1204
Cafeteria Manager - 339 -1424