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Dedicated to furthering the lives of our students.

Welcome Back!

Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year!

I hope that your summer was relaxing and filled with fun, family and relaxation because you deserve it! The opportunity to refuel over the summer is a necessary component of the important work that you do. I hope you are re-energized for the coming year ahead. Our school community will need this energy as we work to advance the district's priority work, and ensure equitable outcomes for the students we serve.

New Staff

Each year brings positive change, which includes a few additions to our staff. I am delighted to welcome the individuals listed below to the North View Middle School community.

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Facilities Update

Our construction team has done an amazing job tearing down ceilings, rewiring the building, retiling the second floor, and refinishing the girls and boys locker room. Next, our custodial staff will be busy getting classrooms reorganized, and the hallways polished. I am cautiously optimistic that the building will be ready for staff by August 19th. Further communication will be sent out to all staff when we get the clearance to allow you in.

Workshop Week

We will soon be gathering together from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Monday August 26th, 2019 for our first staff meeting. Make plans to arrive early on the 26th for a light Panera breakfast at 7:30 am. The morning of August 26th will be used for community building. The afternoon will be dedicated to reviewing the systems and strategies we have in place this year to support our continued efforts in the areas below:

  • Promoting Positive Student Engagement

  • Cultivating our Instructional Culture

  • Creating Community Connectedness

Licensed Staff: Feel free to review the workshop week schedule included here for specific meeting information. If you have a bit of free time, and would like to get a head start on workshop week “To Do” items feel free to click here to be taken to the items that will require attention. All four of the required items will be available for completion by August 16th. None of these items need to be done at this time, but if you would like to get a jump start on the year, go for it!

Non-Licensed Staff: All non-licensed staff are invited, and encouraged to participate in the activities planned for Monday, and Tuesday. You will be time carded for your attendance. Please RSVP by August 22nd to Jackie Palmer by either calling the main office (763-585-7200) or emailing her at

Thank you again for making a continued commitment to work on behalf of the students of North View Middle School. My hope is that through our reinvigorated learning community, both you and the community we serve will see our school as a place where our learners come together to do exciting and consequential work. I hope that each of you enjoy the remaining days of summer. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Throwback Thursday Photos

Our Commitments:

We, the staff at North View Middle School, commit to…

  • Providing challenging academic opportunities that are relevant, engaging, culturally responsive, and rigorous.
  • Providing a meaningful, encouraging and safe environment that fosters the whole child, and focuses on student strengths.
  • Including data driven best practices and instruction that meets the academic and individual needs of our students, improves student achievement, and promotes growth.
  • Engaging in continued professional development to ensure that we are aware of our students’ racial perspectives, challenge our biases, and include practices that serve our diverse student population.
  • Providing effective collaborative partnerships with the entire school community by ensuring that we encourage multiple opportunities for involvement, communication, and access.
  • Modeling and implementing daily engaging multi-level reading and writing strategies within our classrooms.
  • Accepting responsibility for each student’s success and celebrate that success with our school community.

Our Mission!

Committed to furthering the lives of each student by using the best practices available.