The Emerald Atlas

Science- Fiction or not Science- Fiction

How is the Emerald Atlas Science- Fiction

The Emerald Atlas is Science- Fiction because The Emerald Atlas is a Science- Fiction book because in the book 3 kids named Kate, Michael and, Emma, travel back into time and time travel is an element in science fiction

Who are the Characters in The Emerald Atlas

Kate: The oldest. The only one who remembers their parents. Promised to protect her brother and sister until they return.

Michael: Bookish, scrawny, bullied at every orphanage. Loves stories about magic especially involving dwarves.

Emma: A pint sized brawler. Devoted to her brother and sister. Thinks Michael is deeply weird. Will fight anyone who says so.

The Setting

The setting is in Cambridge Falls, the past and the future.

What is the book about?

In this book 3 kids named Kate (the oldest), Michael and, Emma (the youngest) are taken from their parent. Before they were taken Kate`s mom whispers to her ``we will come back for you`` before giving her to a wise man. The wise man leaves the siblings at an orphanage. Before going he changes the siblings last name so that they can be safe. As time goes by the siblings transfer to many orphanages ending with one orphanage where they are the only kids. The place that the orphanage was located in was a lonely place. They`re were no kids at all, and all the adults they`re were lonely and, sad. Back at the orphanage they find a study. In the study they find an interesting book. They place a photo in the book that was taken many years ago and they transport to the, time and place that the photo was taken. Once in the new dimension Kate, Michael and Emma find themselves in a quest to save the world.

Do I recommend this book?

— I, recommend this book to all ages. This fantastic novel starts from the point of 3 not so innocent children who live at an orphanage to 3 kids who are on a dangerous quest to save the world from a great evil.