The Weekly Howl

Week of September 11, 2017

Canvas Info From Brian Wesson

As you get back into Canvas for this school year, here are some slides to help you get everything back to where it was last year. These slides cover importing content, setting your homepage, and resetting your elementary homeroom class from last year to this year.

I know that these steps appear overwhelming simply by appearance. If you would prefer to go through them with me, send an email and we can set up a time.

iPad Rollout and eLearning


We will have a letter drafted to send out today about devices going home. The plan is for all devices to go home. They will go home on Wednesday for all students once they sign their insurance paperwork. They have to send it back either accepting or declining insurance. Don't send it home without the paper coming back. Once we have a list of students without papers coming back Officer Worman and I will make home visits. Ipads are considered as vital to our students as the text books once were.


I don't know what that looks like....yet ;)

Mr. Knipper and I are working out the timelines this week with the hope of being able to extend some timelines so we make sure everything is working, so it can be effective. So label it as TBA for now.

Grandparents Day

Grandparents day will be October 12th from 12:30-2:30. We will be doing it differently this year, that will hopefully make it easier for you. We have Science Central coming and setting up tables with experiments and activities that grandparents will be able to do with their students. We will set up refreshments in the cafeteria, as well as board games in the middle of the gym. By doing this it will allow grandparents to be with all students. All we have to do is provide volunteers for the tables that Science Central runs. I think this will be a great new tradition.

Wolf Lake Running Club

As you know today is the first day of running club. I will announce for members of the running club to come to the gym at 3:05 please wait for the announcement. Also, we missed a Monday which is October 2nd, we will have running club that day. We have 52 students signed up! If you would like to help out for the hour we would love to have you :)

Fire Prevention for K-1

October 13th will be our fire prevention day with our local firemen. This is for K-1 students only. As soon as I have an exact time I'll let you know, but I'd plan for it to be in the afternoon.

Character Counts Assembly Tuesday, September 12

Our first assembly will be tomorrow @ 9:30 in the gym. Mr. Brian Shepherd from West Noble Primary will be here to talk about trustworthiness.

Upcoming Morning Meeting

Wednesday, September 13 @ 7:45: Staff Meeting

Thursday, September 14 @ 7:45: Seesaw with Ms. Shrader (please note that this training is meant to help you for when we implement this next year)

Important Dates:

8/30-9/29: NWEA Fall Testing Window

9/11: Running Club Starts Every Monday

9/12: Character Counts Assembly

9/20: Parent Teacher Conferences

9/23: PTO Family glow dance party

10/12: Grandparents Day 12:30-2:30

10/17: PTO Fall Festival/Chili Supper

10/18-10/20: Fall Break No School

11/2: Book Fair Night

11/2: Tentative Pie Sale Delivery Date

12/1-1/26: NWEA Winter Testing Window

2/26-3/9: ISTEP Part 1 Window

3/12-3/16: IREAD Window 3rd Grade

3/19-5/18: NWEA Spring Testing Window

4/16-5/4: ISTEP Part 2 Window

6/3: Graduation @2:00