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Team Shine Bright Newsletter - February 2017

Let's make the most of Valentines Month...

"Real women don't want flowers or chocs on Valentines Day, they want sparkly stuff they can keep forever!" That' the message I've been sharing with customers.

There are some great gifts at Stella & Dot...but our male friends might need a gentle reminder...and if all else fails let's encourage the women to treat themselves (because we deserve it xoxo).

There is still plenty of time to spread the SD love by booking themed trunkshows...and no better excuse to have a 'girls night in' with Stella Dot Spring style and a glass of something pink and fizzy...

Valentines is an easy theme for a trunkshow and the perfect reason to pick up the phone and reach out to hostesses.

The 2242 system has always worked best for me:

  • Phone 2 prospective hostesses a day
  • Aim for 2 online orders a week
  • Book 4 trunkshows in the diary a month
  • Recruit 2 new team members a month

Hey presto..stick to this and you're likely to be a Director by Hoopla (our annual training conference in July).

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There are some great marketing images on the Stylist Lounge which you can share with customers and hostesses. Be sure to check them out :-)

February Stylist Training

The Style Boss Tour is coming to Manchester on Saturday 3 February. If you want to learn how to build your business in 2017, trust me, you do not want to miss out on this all-stylist training! Register here now Hope to see lots of you there.

The training tour is also coming to London (Feb 25), Nottingham (Feb 26), Dublin (Feb 20) and Edinburgh (already held). Register for your local event - details are on the Stylist Lounge (just sign in to your Stella Dot account) and click on Style Boss Tour.

In March, our North West Stylist Training will be held on Wed 1 Feb 7-9pm in the Knutsford/Cheshire area - venue to be confirmed (but please pencil the date in your diary) xxx

Tomorrow - prospective stylist event in Manchester

Victoria & Albert Marriott Hotel, 6-7pm Even if you can't make it - please send along your prospective stylists and we will look after them and make sure they sign up with you!

You are welcome to come along too - we would love to see you there and it's free to register. Here's the link to send out to your prospectives - just cut and paste and email to 10 people today!
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The best sign up offer we've had in history - extended!

Share this amazing offer with friends, acquaintances, neighbours, work colleagues,'s too good to be true (ends Feb 7).

  • Sign up for £169 and choose £400 of free accessories.
  • Host 2 trunkshows in yiour first 30 days (sell 1,000 pqv or £420 at each trunkshow) and we will give you £169 cash back - so effectively, it has cost you nothing to set up your new business.
  • Sell 1,000 pqv in your first 30 days and you will also get £150 product credits an earn £190 cash !

Sponsors will also receive £75 cash if their new stylist sells 1,000 pqv.

There are also Sponsor-matching cash bonuses every time your team members promote - Associate Stylist = £75, Senior = £150, Star Stylist =£300

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Marketing Tools for February

The Trunkshow Exclusive Offers for February make great Valentines and Mothers Day gifts! Don't forget to print them out and offer this amazing deal to your customers - so they can save 50% discount when they spend £50 or over!

PS These offers change on the 1st of every month and can be found on the Stylist Lounge under Marketing Materials.

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Charlotte Tilbury 5-minute makeover - The Winner

Congratulations to the Top 10 in sales (listed in order) and all the Stylists who Qualified or sponsored in January, earning themselves places in my Team Prize Draw:

(1) Emma Hall, (2) Emma Thow, (3) Laura Lovell, (4) Katie Armstrong, (5) Claire Parsons, (6) Alex Wilks, (7) Carrie Ann Stevens, (8) Amanda Smart, (9) Joy Grayson-Mahon, (10) Carol Paxman-Hughes, (11) Cherith Chamberlain, (12) Natalie Latte Deakin, (13) Jennie Cliffe, (14) Vivienne Smith, (15) Laura Riddle, (16) Becky Wilson, (17) Yvonne Crolla.

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And the winner is... Natalie Latte Deakin

Welcome to our newest Stylists

Great choice girls - you've joined the business on the best sign-up offer we have EVER had ! Can't wait to meet lots of you on the Style Boss training tour.


Louise Leebetter

Emma Gleave

Jenny Hutchinson

Laura Makinson

MIranda Ferns

Laura Rose-Troup

Natalie Garcha

Rebecca Fryer

Barbara Liu

Debby Liu

Karen Mager

Vicki Cronley

Kathryn Adamson

Jemma Hill

Emma Thow

Kelly Lunn

Claire Loon

Natalie Davies

Please do join our Team Facebook Page (or ask you Sponsor to add you) ClICK HERE

Look who Sponsored in January


Amanda Smart 1
Barbara Liu 1

Natalie Lydford 1

Yvonne Crolla 1

Laura Lovell 1

Carrie ann Stevens 1

Contact me - Mhari Oakes

Please do reach out to me for support in helping to grow your business or to set goals for 2017 xxx