Heliocentric Solar System

By: Sean Odegard

What is the Invention?

The word "helio" in Greek means "Sun". That means that the word heliocentric means that the sun is at the center. It is designed to have the Sun in the middle, and Pluto on the outermost part of the galaxy,

Who is the Original creator of this invention?

The original creator of the Heliocentric Solar System is Nicolaus Copernicus.
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Who is given credit for bringing it to life/creating this new version?

Nobody else made a new version of this, so the newest version would have been made by Copernicus.

In what year did it originate?

Nicolaus Copernicus made this design in the year 1543. It was first shown in public when Copernicus wrote and published his book. Sadly, Nicolaus died the same year he published his book.

The Invention in the Renaissance

The Heliocentric Solar System was made by having all of the planets gravitate around the Sun. Although by today's standards, it is correct, everyone thought that everything in the rest of the galaxy gravitated around the Earth. So, nobody believed him until after he was dead. Even though Copernicus was dead, he was still found out to be the creator of the design and was given full credit.

How has this invention changed over the years?

Before the heliocentric solar system was made, it was the geocentric solar system, which said that the Earth was the center of the galaxy. Then Copernicus made his design and since then, nobody has changed anything about this design.