New Discovery: Viperwolf

By: Julia Thomas

Viperwolf recently discovered in the dense jungle of Brazil by Dr. Thomas

Dr. Thomas was on a trip to observe the jungle creatures in Brazil, when he discovered something amazing. He noticed that there were black dog-like animals that he had never seen before. That is when he declared that he had discovered a new animal and it must be shared with the world.

Description of Viperwolf


  • Black, hairless skin with bio luminescent patterns
  • 6 legs, on each paw there are 3 toes with an opposable thumb
  • Armour around neck and spine
  • Razor-sharp teeth
  • Paddle-like tail
  • Breathes through nostrils on its neck

Viperwolf is hexopodal

Also, the viperwolf is heterotrophic...

...they eat other small animals like rabbits and squirrels.