Individual Interactions

by Kat Holloway

Cirlcles of Friends



Briley- mild, timid, soft spoken, gentle

Kat- outgoing, out spoken, extraverted


Hollie Ricker

Hollie and I are friends through soccer. We became friends through team dinners, many games and countless practices.



Shelby and I are friends because Shelby accepts my loudness, my opinions, my rants and approves of who I am and doesn't complain about who I am. To my face.

Desirable Traits

When first meeting someone, I appreciate someone who seems happy and can make a joke of anything. Someone who is outgoing and extroverted, as well as someone who is nice and has a happy aura. My categories of friends are select soccer friends, school friends, school soccer friends, and band friends.


One stereotype that I have is most football players are jerks. I realize this does not apply to all football players, as I am friends with some football players, but in general I assume they are not very nice. I assume this based on my past experiences and experiences of my friends with football players.

Generational Identity

Gay Marriage

Me: I believe it is anyone's choice to decide who they marry and that legal marriage rights should be available to all.

Mom: "I have no problem with it."

Abortion & Defunding Planned Parenthood

Me: I am not really sure where I stand on the issue, but I believe that if a child is unwanted by its birth family it should be given up for adoption as the first choice of action. I believe though that defunding planned parenthood is a bad idea because if mothers want their children aborted, they will find way to do it, even if it is not safe, and the other benefits like birth control and WICK would not be available to women.

Mom: "I think it's a woman's right to choose. I think defunding planned parenthood is wrong because it takes away cheap health care for women. It takes away funding from more than just abortion."