One Child Policy

What is the One Child Policy

The one child policy is when a family can have one child.  If the family has a girl then they have a chance to have another child, hopefully a boy.  If they do chose to have another child then there could be a penalty. For example, you could lose there job, get your belongings takin away, have fines, and even be pressured to have an abortion.  If you only have one child they you could be rewarded.  For example, higher wages, retirment funds, interest-free loans, and priority housing and school enrollment.
In this video I learned that if you speak out in Communist countries.  You can be put it to jail, be put on house arrested, or even killed for speaking about the government.  For example Chen Guancheng spoke out about the One Child Policy and then was put into house arrest.  Citation  CarolinaJG. Walking china . 2009. MourgeFile. Web. 18 Apr. 2013. <>.CarolinaJG. Walking china . 2009. MourgeFile. Web. 18 Apr. 2013. <>.