Scottish Texans

Push Factors

Scots moved to Northern Ireland (1600) and moved on to other lands in the (1700) when they would not give up religious freedom.

Pull Factors

When ranching began to grow in Texas, Scots came mostly from Edinburgh and Aberdeen to raise cattle and build railroads to make money. (Since they came individually, they were all over Texas.)

Cultural Highlights

Edmund Duncan Montgomery

· physician

· scientist

· philosopher

· 1873- Moved to Texas

· devoted to:

Ø remainder of his life to scientific research

Ø thinking

Ø farming and ranching

Ø and striving to raise the cultural level of the community

What You Learned

Do you know...

Why the Scottish moved out of Northern Ireland?

Why Scottish came to Texas?

What Edmund Montgomery purchased in March 4, 1873?

When and where Edmund Montgomery was born?

Where did Montgomery move to in 1839?


  1. Religious Freedom
  2. Ranching and Business
  3. Liendo Plantation near Hempstead
  4. March 19, 1835 and Edinburgh, Scotland
  5. Paris, France


I think Scottish do influence Texan ways because even out of the 'Old Three Hundred', 40% of them had Scottish ancestry. In the Alamo, 4 of them were Scots, and 26 of them were of Scottish descent. There are many hospitals and cities named after the Scots.


I don't think Texas is better off without immigration. The reason I believe that is because even the native americans got here by immigrating.


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