The Great Northerm Popcorn Machine - Popping Since Time In Memorial

History of Popcorn

Popcorn, those little chunks of happiness, has been a dear friend of our species for over 5 millennia now. As the seemingly useless yellow balls are put in the fire, the little drop of water, which resides within the kernels evaporates and flips them out and voila! Earlier this process of flipping out or popping was done by stirring the kernels in hot sand or by throwing them on a hot stone over a raging fire. The second process presented scope for games like "who can run around the catch the flying popcorns?”

As fun as it may sound it was a messy business. Imagine your mother, having to clean up the entire house after each treat. Gah. The fit she would throw.


Good thing we don't live in the BCs anymore. Since 1893, Popcorn machines have taken over the streets and theatres and even homes. No movie (good or bad) is complete without a tub of your favorite yellows. However, making one at home in a microwave is slow and hectic.

The Great Northern Popcorn is a company that makes excellent and easy to use poppers, for both vendors and domestic users. Machines as cheap as $48 have a 5-year warranty.TheGreat Northerm Popcorn Machine reviews are excellent for all their products including one of their bestselling machines the 'Black Bar Style Lincoln 8 Ounce Antique Popcorn Machine which can make up to 3 gallons of popcorn per batch. Popcorn and oil scoopers come included with this model. Any oil and popcorn combo comes out very well.

Go Green

You say you are health and environment conscious and you want to avoid GMOs. No problem! You can opt for Great Northern Organic kernels that come in two varieties. The old fashioned and the yellow gourmet. If you are not that kind of a person, the choices increase to premium and white popcorns.

Bring the carnival to your backyard

Popcorns are indeed fun. It is even more enjoyable with cotton candy, hot dogs and snow cones. Yes, despite their name, the Great Northern Popcorn also manufactures cotton candy machines, hot dog rollers and snow cone machines, all reviewed highly (as high as the Great Northern Popcorn Machine review by customers. With the wide selection of machines, you can bring the carnival to your backyard and keep your old friends entertained or perhaps make new ones. Check out popcornmachinesreview.com/great-northern-popcorn-machine-pop-pup-2-12oz-retro-style-popcorn-popper for more details.