How people proved to the world that they can do it.

What is perseverence?

Perseverance is the continued effort to achieve something despite difficulties, failures, or opposition. It is to keep trying no matter how hard it is. Without worrying about the hardships that come with it. To not ever give up. To set a goal and not stop until you reach that goal. This forth quarter of 7th grade we have learned about many who have persevered. Some examples are Eleanor Roosevelt, Jackie Robinson, Kid President, Steven Clauch, and many more. The purpose of this newsletter is to give you a small inside look of these amazing people.

How to persevere and Survive Middle School: A sequence paragraph

  1. Group your peers in categories depending on how nice they are and decide who you would like to be friends with and who you would like to stay away from.

  2. People start making friend groups quick so get into a friend group before you become an outsider.

  3. Your peers aren’t the only people you put in categories. Categorize your teachers depending on their niceness, amount of homework given, and freedom you have in their class.

  4. Show teachers only your good side and keep your sneaky side hidden. Teachers watch out for students so be careful, you don’t want to go on their naughty list.

  5. If you are slowly moving to a teacher's bad side then try asking them questions and seem like you're actually interested and paying attention in their class. Warning: Don’t ask too many questions that could annoy the teacher. Example: If you are in math class ask them how to do solve a problem that you didn’t get and make it look like their teaching was a huge help.

  6. Give your teachers presents. Specially on teacher appreciation day. Female teachers love a bouquet of flowers. Oh and chocolate! They love chocolate! Unless they are on a diet. (Most teachers are female but if you have a male teacher maybe give a mug or something. You can never know for sure. The male species are confusing.)

  7. When teachers get off task and talk about their life and other random things pretend to be interested so you can waste time and not have to do work in class. Tip: Their personal life may be boring but doing classwork is even more boring.

  8. Some teachers call on you without you raising your hand because you didn’t participate all day so make sure to raise your hand for a question that is easy so they won’t call you when you don’t have the answer.

  9. When doing a group project don’t slack off. You don’t want other students to not be in your group any more. Contribute as much as you can while at the same time making sure the rest of your group is doing what they're supposed to.

  10. Some teachers make the whole class suffer when one student isn’t doing what they are supposed to do. Don’t be that kid. You don’t want to be hated by you whole class.

  11. Enjoy your middle school life because I have heard that high school is like death. We are going to a prison soon so we should make the most of it when we are still in the court.

You need to persevere to survive middle school. It is not an easy task.

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Steven Clauch was a person who persevered through his life: A problem and solution graphic organizer

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Kid President was an inspiring kid with a horrible condition but persevered through it: description about him

The kid president video is motivational because he talks about quotes that are motivational and makes comments that makes you want to keep on going and do what he says. He makes you want to get up and help the world. The most important reason that makes it a motivation video is that you want to get up and do what he says. After watching it you want to make the world great. It affects people because they get this energy in them telling them they want to do just that. That is what makes it a motivational video.

Kid President is a little boy with a big message. We can all learn a thing or two from him.

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Dartanyan and Leroy were both inspiring boys that persevered through their lives: a Venn diagram

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Sandy Road is a perseverance story that is very inspiring: cause/effect paragraph

The reason why he thought that they were going to arrive in town the next day was because he was traveling the desert and didn’t think the leader will fall asleep. Due to that they threw out their water which ended up in them being thirsty and also not having water to feed their oxens. Since that happened they had to search for water. The leader fell asleep because the sun didn’t let him sleep in the day and they could only travel in the night since it’s cooler at night time in the desert. They went through a lot in that one trip but even though they did the one merchant and young boy never gave up which saved the others.

To be tired and hungry but still be persistent enough to go to search for water in that horrible heat is an example of perseverance that we should all praise.

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How does this effect us? (Conclusion)

We can learn from the perseverance of others. They show a great example of perseverance and to not give up. We should learn from them and try our best to get what we want no matter how hard it is. We all have our own adversities and these people are the ones who showed us that we can overcome them. We all can do great things in life just like them.