The Roanoke Sound

Visit the sound in between two famous Islands!

Explore the Estuary, fish, or just cruise in a jet ski in the Roanoke Sound!

Like most estuaries the Roanoke sound provides very good nesting and eating habitats. It contains animals such as the Grey Trout, Spanish Mackerel, Striped Bass, Black Drum, Bluefish, Flounder, etc. Estuaries provide food, protect against flooding, buffer the impact of waves, etc. Estuaries help animals, plants, and Humans, but The North Carolina estuaries are being destroyed, we need to stop the destruction of the estuaries. The Estuaries are being harmed by change of the land bordering and contamination of the lakes and rivers that flow into the Roanoke Sound.

Roanoke Sound Geography

The Roanoke sound is the estuary in between Roanoke Island and The Central Outer Banks. This Sound shares imaginary boundaries with the Croatan Sound, the Albemarle Sound, and the Pamlico sound. It is very hard to distinguish the boundary between them and make it one of the most connected bodies of water in eastern North Carolina.

The Roanoke Sound