Focus App: March/April

Book Creation App

Create your own storybooks. There are backgrounds, characters, objects included or you can use your own photos for your story.


Design your own cover

Many stories can be worked on at the same time, on the same device

2-D and 3-D characters that you can pose, rotate and move

Easy to add text, speech bubbles, objects, paint and stickers

Use your own photos from the camera roll in your story

Save and share your story

Add voice recording and/or sound to each page if you wish

Students can add their face to the supplied cartoon characters

Stories can be printed, sent by email, or saved to iTunes

  • To choose an existing story, click on the story cover from the library (use your finger to scroll side to side in the library)
  • To start a New Story, click the + in the bottom middle of the screen
  • From the initial screen, you will name your story and name the author as well as choose the format for your book (all can be edited later) then click Create and page 1 of your book will be revealed as a blank space to start creating
  • From the page screen, you have several option listed at the bottom, here is where you will design your page using audio, add background, text, characters, objects or stickers
  • If you want to add pictures from the device camera roll, you will click on stickers and you will see that the camera roll is the first choice
  • The My World function allows you to customize the faces of cartoon characters for your story (so you can add your face to the cartoon body)
  • Once you add something to the book page, you have editing options for that item as well. When you are done editing that item, just click anywhere in the blank space to add another item, your options will pop up again at the bottom of the page
  • When your page is complete, click at the top center where it says "tap here to end editing, when you do that, a menu tab will appear in the bottom right of the screen, tap menu and you can click the + to add the next page to your book
  • This menu also lets you copy a page, move the order of the pages, delete a page, go to the cover of the book or delete a story or it will take you back to the Library


  • Digital display of story boards
  • Retelling a story in your own words
  • All about me project
  • Practice reading, record voice
  • ABC books
  • Animal books
  • Biography books
  • Beginning of the year procedures book
  • “How to” books
  • Photo books
  • Poetry books
  • Science/SS topic books - weather, astronomy, land forms, states/countries, historical eras
  • Collaborative class books with sentence starters
  • K- picture book of "chicks" progress, followed with a page per student showing their favorite part of the unit, informative writing, "how to"
  • 1st- plant growth book, research project, community project
  • 3rd grade- End of the year-Things to know about 3rd grade books, What I learned in 3rd Grade book, land-forms of the world(define and add pictures), Plant book (record growth), summarize a SS chapter