Nasopharyngeal Cancer

By: Sarah Maksin

Definition of this cancer:

This specific cancer starts in the nasopharynx, the higher part in your throat behind the nose and near the base of the skull. It generally effects the The cells

Symptoms Include:

- Lump in nose or neck

- Sore throat

- Trouble breathing or speaking

- Nose bleeds

- Trouble hearing

- Pain/ ringing in ears

- Headaches

Possible Causes

Nasopharyngeal is more common with men than women

- Smoking

- How you eat can greatly affect your risk, if your diet lacks certain vitamins and minerals it will become higher and higher

- Viruses can cause genetic changes to cells that could be dangerous in the future.

- Inheriting the cancer can be a higher chance if you have a close relative that has had it

- Some chemicals

- Ear, nose, and throat conditions

- Excessively drinking alcohol can have a higher risk


- Stop the use of heavy drinking and smoking

- Just eat as healthy as you can. Eat lots of foods with vitamins and minerals

- Genetics are also a key factor so research if you have family members that may have had it, and get some tests taken to see what your risks are

How the cancer is treated

After you are tested and diagnosed you are staged and after that you have a care team who will talk with you about your options which include: Surgery where they would go in and remove the tumor, or removing the lymph nodes. Your next option would be to have Radiation therapy. This option uses high energy x-rays/particles to kill cancer cells and/or slow their rate of growth. Another option would be to do Chemotherapy. This option uses cancer killing medicine that will be put inside you to and travel through your blood stream all through your body in case the cancer has spread. Your final choice would be to do Targeted therapy. This final option will either back up the chemo medicine or help in places it doesn't. These tend to have less side effects as well so if that happens to be a problem you could talk with your doctors to see if this would be the better option.

How the cancer is diagnosed

This cancer is diagnosed by a patient going to their doctor with symptoms and the doctor will look at history and do and exam, but then may refer him/her to a specialist in that area to run some tests.

How many and what type of people are affected

Nasopharyngeal cancer is actually very rare in America and more common among people who live in Asia or are of Chinese origin. Men are more likely to get it than women.

In Conclusion

Application of research article

I learned from my research more about the disease, since my uncle passed from in I now understand what he may have been feeling and what treatments he got. I now further understand all the treatments he went through and all the tests ran and side effects that made him have his bad days. I also know certain reasons why you may be diagnosed with this cancer and also know now how rare it is in America and more common in China.