New Caledonia

Distant land, land of contrasts, authentic land

New Caledonia

As the third largest in the Pacific, New Caledonia is situated 1,500 km east off the Australian coast, lying on the geographical coordinates of: 21° 30, 0" S.

Fact File

Main Languages Spoken:

- French

- English

Main Sport:

- Cricket

- Rugby

- Football

- Swimming

Popular TV Shows:

- Crossing Limes

- Rebound


- Bougna (chicken, lobster, bananas or sweet potatoes)

- Civet de Rousette (bat stew)

- huitres de paletuviers (small mangrove oysters )

- vol-au-vent des fruits de mer (pastry filled with seafood and cream sauce)

Top Itunes Song:

- Papaoutai

Top Box Office Movie:

- Pacific Rim