Community & Remembrance

Term 3

The Importance of Country & Place

Abroginal Language

Language is extremly imporant to the Abroginal people. Languages carry a colture knowleged, so the loss of the languagemeans the loss of culture, fo Abrogina lpeoples connections to their ansectors.

"The imporant thing about language and what it in means is that language contains the essence of our ancestors,everyword comes from place and identifies people and linksto the land,country,the dreaming: they are all inherentin language,thereforeit means the people, the land,everything." Yolngu Elder Laurie Baymarrrwangga

  • Explain the importance of language to the abroginal people in your own words

Language is imporant to the Abroginal people because they won't understand each other, they won't Know who they are or why there here.

  • Use the interative map tolocate and identifythe local language group.

The local language group for the illawarra is...